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Chemistry 4000 Theses

Here you will find a list of Chem 4000 undergraduate theses supervised by members of CAC. Hard copies are in the CAC library. In recent years some thesis are available in electronic .pdf format. Those available are listed below.

CHEM 4000 Undergraduate Theses

Abdulkarim Mohammed Developing a ground based mass balance approach for estimating CH4 emissions from anthropogenic sources
Yosra Maher Intercomparison of NO2 Concentrations between Point Measurements and Long Path Measurements
Csilla Csukat Measurement of Air Quality and Greenhouse Gases in the Atmosphere
during the 2015 Pan American Games
William Fujs Towards establishing a vertical distribution of NO2 and NO3 in a night-time urban environment
Christine Facca Method development of concentration measurements and recoveries of atmospheric particle phase nitrophenols
Dana Aljawhary Product yields from the gas-phase ozonolysis of isobutene using APCI-MS/MS
Eldar Huseynov Determination of nitrous acid mixing ratio in the troposphere using long path absorption photometry technique
Ellen Gute Application of tunable diode laser spectroscopy for atmospheric trace gas detection: Improvements to detect formaldehyde and formic acid at the same laser temperature
Marina Saccon Development of a sample preparation method for stable isotope ratio measurements of atmospheric particulate organic matter
Mitesh Patel Investigation of the efficiency for the cadium reduction method of nitrate to nitrite conversion for the application in the LOPAP instrument
Nikolay Yardonov Vertical distribution of nocturnal nitrate radical (NO3) investigated using direct moon light absorption spectroscopy
Rodney Hong LOPAP - LOng Path Absorption Photometer Measurements Of HONO
Samira Hossain Sampling and analysis of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and N-alkanes in ambient air
Yasamin-Hassani Measurement of gas and particle phase nitrophenols in the atmosphere using high volume filter sampling

Updated on June 6th, 2017.