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Previous Schiff Lectures

Year Lecturer Title
2017 Professor Jon Abbatt, University of Toronto Aerosol in the Arctic Summertime: Sources, Impacts, and Melting Sea Ice
2016 Prof. Dr. Ulrich Platt, Institute of Environmental Physics, Heidelberg University Quantification of Volcanic gas Emission by Optical Spectroscopy - How and Why
2015 Steven S. Brown, NOAA Earth System Research Laboratory, and Department of Chemistry, University of Colorado The Atmospheric Chemistry of Winter
2013 Habil Astrid Kiendler-Scharr, Forschungszentrum Jülich and University of Cologne Chemistry Climate Interactions: Biogenic Emissions and their Contribution to Secondary Organic Aerosol
2012 A.R. Ravishankara,
Ozone Layer Depletion and Climate Change
2011 Andreas Wahner,
Institute fuer Chemie und Dynamik der Geosphare
Atmospheric Trace Gas Degradation and Secondary Pollutant Formation
2010 Barbara J. Finlayson-Pitts,
University of California
Reactions at Interfaces in the Atmosphere 
2009 David D. Parrish,
University Of Nebraska College Of Medicine
Air Quality Across Large Temporal and Spatial Scales
2008 Douglas R. Worsnop,
Aerodyne Research
Aerosols in the Atmosphere 
2007 Paul B. Shepson,
Perdue University
Climate Change and Atmosphere 
2006 Daniel J. Jacob,
Harvard University
The Hemispheric Transport of Pollution
2005 Ralf Koppmann, Forschungszentrum Juelich The Forest as the Chemical Reactor - Results of the ECHO project
2005 Yuk L. Yung,
California Institute of Technology
Atmospheric Chemistry, Climate and the Search for Life 
2004 Eldon Ferguson,
The Early Days of Flowing Afterglow Ion Chemistry 
2002 Jos Lelieveld,
Max Planck Institute for Chemistry
Oxidation Power of the Atmosphere
2001 William L. Miller,
Dalhousie University
Tales from the Air - Sea Interface
2000 M.O. Andreae,
Max Planck Institute for Chemistry
Aerosols and Climate
1999 Leonard A. Barrie Aerosols and Atmospheric Chemistry 
1998 Daniel S. McKenna,
University of Bonn
Arctic Stratospheric Ozone Loss: Diagnosis and Simulation
1997 Robert J. Delmas,
Domaine Universitaire
Secrets about Atmospheric Chemistry and Global Change Discovered in Polar Ice Cores
1996 Jochen Rudolph,
Forschungszentrum Juelich
An Important Source for Atmospheric Pollution on a Global Scale
1995 Thomas E. Graedel,
AT&T Bell Laboratories
Metal in the Air
1994 Guy P. Brasseur,
National Center for Atmospheric Research
Natural Fluctuations and Human Perturbations
1993 Henning Rodhe,
Stockholm University
Can Industrial Sulfate Aerosols Counteract Global Warming
1992 James G. Anderson,
Harvard University
The Airborne Arctic Ozone Campaign of 1991-1992: What are the Conclusions?
1990 Paul Crutzen,
Max-Planck-Institute for Chemistry Mainz
Changes in the Oxidative Power of the Atmosphere Due to Human Activities
Brian Ridley,
National Center for Atmospheric Research
Measurements and Implications of Photochemically Active Trace Species in the Remote Atmosphere
Fred C. Fehsenfeld,
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Regional Ozone Production
Jack G. Calvert,
National Center for Atmospheric Research
Studies of the NO2-NO3-N2O5 Systems
Ralph J. Cicerone,
University of California
Isotopes in Stratospheric Ozone


Updated on September 19th, 2017.