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List of Phd. and MSc. Theses


Here you will find a list of Phd. and MSc. theses supervised by members of CAC. Hard copies are in the CAC library and in the York University Library.

Some theses of recent years are available in electronic .pdf format. Those available are given below.

Phd and Master Theses  (In order of most recently published)

2017 Mehrnaz Sarrafzadeh Chemical and physical studies of secondary organic aerosol formed from beta-pinene photooxidation
2016 Kevin Nikelski Exploring the potential of polyelectrolyte-apatmer films for use in optical and electrochemical sensing
2015 Hassani Yasamin Method development for concentration measurements of SVOCs and analysis of ambient samples
2015 Ibraheem Nuaaman Investigation of air pollutants near the Great Lakes in Ontario and along the coast of California
2014 Amanda Jameer Evaluating the utility of an atmospheric pressure chemical ionization mass spectrometer for detecting organic peroxides during beta-pinene ozonolysis experiments
2013 Marina Saccon Compound specific concentration and stable carbon isotope ratio measurements of secondary organic aerosols
2013 Christine Facca Method development of a denuder based technique for the determination of the partitioning of nitrophenols
2013 Patryk Wojtal Nocturnal measurements of HONO, NO2 and NO3 by differential optical absorption spectroscopy in polluted marine and urban atmospheres
2013 Jamie Halla The Application of MAX-DOAS to the Measurement of Tropospheric Gases and Aerosols in Marine and Continental Environments
2013 Kristen Wall Investigation of the photoenhanced reduction of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) on organic films and above soils as the missing source of daytime tropospheric nitrous acid (HONO)
2013 Mitesh Patel LC-MS/MS Analysis of Mechanistic Studies of Agricultural lPesticides in the Environment
2012 Nikolay Yordanov Further development of resonant optical cavities for the measurement of atmospheric trace gases: ambient measurements of atmospheric nitrate (NO3) radical and dinitrogen pentoxide (N2O5)
2012 Naeem Lodhi Laboratory study of hygroscopic properties of secondary organic aerosols produced from isoprene and terpenes
2012 Anna Kornilova Stable carbon isotope composition of ambient VOC and its use in the determination of photochemical ages of air masses
2012 Zoya Dobrusin Quantitative methods for the analysis of hydrocarbon oxidation products: A smog chamber study
2012 Altin Elezi Investigation of isoprene OH initiated photo-oxidation mechanism and secondary organic aerosol formation in presence of high NOx
2011 Aeysha Ahamad Mass Spectrometric Investigation of the OH induced oxidation of Isoprene using O2 as a Chemical Ionization Reagent
2010 Julie Bennett Flow Reactor Studies of Aromatic Hydrocarbon Photo-Oxidation Products UsingOn-Line Gas/Particle Separation and MS-MS Analysis
 2010 Rosalyne Busca Method Development for the Sampling and Analysis of Atmospheric Nitrophenols
2009 Shervin Sarmad Application of a Quadrupole Ion Trap Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer to the Analysis of Low Concentration Gas Phase Organic Compounds
2009 Jeremy Wentzell Measurements of HONO in Southern Ontario using long path absorption photometry
2009 Xueping Gong Development and test of an on-line coupling of thermodesorption with fast gas chromatography for studies of n-alkanes in atmospheric particulate matter
2008 Ian Burling Resonant optical cavities  for the measurement of atmospheric trace gases
2008 Satoshi Irei Laboratory studies of stable carbon isotope ratio of secondary particulate organic matter in the gas phase

Updated on June 6th, 2017.